The Crew

Steven “Skovy” Jaskoviak
President 2012-Present

My love for classic cars comes from my parents.

How wonderful it was growing up with a motorhead the likes of my father.

I can remember how at the age of 14 I wanted my drivers license, but in the early 70’s getting your driver’s license took plenty of work. My father told me in order for me to get a license I had to beat him in a main street drag race. He bought me a 1961 Ford Falcon Wagon thinking I would never stand a chance. After some wheeling and dealing with friends I traded that Falcon for a 1955 Chevy Nomad Wagon where we quickly put a hot 327 4 speed from a 1965 Corvette. It took me till I was 15 but when the ’55 was finished and I was ready to race, Dad said “You earned it” and the rest is history.

Working on that ’55 brought me closer to motorheads and I saw first hand how the Hot Rod world brought people together.

In 2012, Tom Ravely and myself sat down one afternoon and decided to start a “All vehicle” Organization. The “RUMBLER” magazine went out to 50 people and started going viral.

Today, the “RUMBLER” is now an international magazine that goes to Canada, England and beyond and now touches over 40,000 readers.

Thank you, James Valley Street Machines, and everybody associated. You made my dreams come true.


Thomas Ravely
Vice-President 2012-Present

From an early age, cars have been in my life.

I still own my collection of childhood hot wheels and Matchbox cars. I’m not sure if I’m a collector or a hoarder. In my twenties, I started collecting ‘56 Chevys. I’ve owned about a dozen other hot rods over the period where I’ve always been tinkering with them. I’ve always sold them before I finished them.

Since I’ve not been finishing my projects, I’ve broadened my philosophy and figured a perfect fit for me is … A Rat Rod. I’m now working on my 1st Rat Rod Pickup. Now if I don’t finish it nobody will know. Hehe.

I also own a Buccaneer Red ‘73 Trans Am that I saved from the crusher and dragged home from the local salvage yard. 15 years later and I’m real close to finishing this one. Right now, it’s my weekend cruiser. I’ve even made a few Black Top Tours with it.

My duties for the James Valley Street Machines are Vice President and the clubs Webmaster. We have developed a very state of the art webpage and I keep up the clubs Facebook page. At my job, I’m a videographer so this helps when I shoot videos/pictures of shows and road trips that the club attends then post everything to our web site and Facebook page. By posting our activities we hope you will come and spend a little time with us. Come see what we have to offer.

Craig Gaier
Secretary 2012-Present

I was Born & raised in Cleveland, ND. I then Graduated from NDSU and went to work for Walt Sanders Chevrolet, Casselton, ND right out of college. In 1974 I then moved to Jamestown, ND when I went to work for Midway Chevrolet and later became Walt Sanders Chevrolet, Inc.

I always had an interest in cars from the time my parents had a 1954 Bel Air (used to sit in it in the drive-way pretend driving and listen to the radio until I’d wear the battery down when I was only 7 years old.)

When they bought the brand new 1957 Nash Ambassador I was in heaven. A 327 V8 that blew the doors off all the 283 57-Chevys and a cool radio that had two speakers (one on each side of the dash face). The Nash gave way to a 327 Chevy Caprice in 1965 (4 door hardtop only that year). Then after my clunker cars that I drove (1953 Chevy Bel Air 4-door & 1959 Biscayne 4-door), both 6-cylinders, I had my first real car in college, a 1966 Impala Super Sport coupe (2 years old car at the time). It was only a 327-V8 but held up to the big blocks on the top end (no good off the line for sure). I lived in that for 100,000 miles in 3 years and got my very first brand new car in the form of a 1970 Monte Carlo (they would not let me get the Yenko Chevelle sitting next to it, because the insurance was too high), oh, there was also a new Yenko Camaro sitting there too, but at the time I thought they were too small a car and anything smaller than a Chevelle was too compact. Those cars had me spending the first half of my career in the Auto business and having a string of car after car (owned well over 200 different in my lifetime, heading towards 300!).

What more to say other than classic cars and trucks are a habitual passion for me! Hence, car clubs, car shows, cruises, etc. (and glad I’m not alone in that!).

Larry Gilge
Board of Directors Member 2013-Present

Hello car enthusiasts this is Larry Gilge, I’ve been involved with cars since I was 12 I help my dad build a 1939 Chevy master Deluxe 2 door sedan, you can say that’s when I got the bug I started going on Rod runs and camping with my dad in the 1939. I’ve been involved with cars ever since.

I got involved in the club back in 2012 2013 currently a board of director. Some of the cars I’ve owned are 1980 AMC Concord, 1964 Nash Rambler, 1978 Jeep CJ7, 1966 VW Dune Buggy, and my 1939 Chevy. I really enjoy going on runs and driving with the other car club members from town to town, and just out for an evening ride.

Neil Baker
Board of Directors Member 2018-Present

Greetings! I’m a life long resident of Jamestown, ND.

Now retired, I worked for 42 years as a machine repair tech for a large aerospace parts manufacturer until 2014.

I’m married to Judi. She is semi-retired and only working part time.

We have 3 grown sons all residing in Fargo, ND. At this time there are no grandchildren, so we spend our time spoiling our yellow lab “Lucy” instead.

I’ve been a “Motor Head” all my life, involved mostly in motorcycling and demolition derby’s in my earlier years. Now its classic car and hot rod restoration that occupy most of my time.

As a director of the James Valley Street Machines, I hope to meet many of you at the abundance of car events around the state. If you see our black Model A Coupe around, stop and say “Hi”. We welcome your opinions (Good or Bad)! With the hope of making the James Valley Street Machines a fun and prosperous organization for everyone involved.

Randy Miller
Board of Directors Member 2018-Present

I’ve been a lifetime resident of Jamestown, ND. I’ve also been with the same company for 42 years as a machinist and inspector of aircraft parts.

As a young lad, I used to help my neighbor work on cars. My first car was a 1956 Chevy 210. Since that ’56 Chevy, I’ve owned many cars mostly from the GM line. Over the years I’ve owned and rebuilt a ’79 Chevy pickup, ’79 Z/28 Camaro. I’ve done it all … motor work, body work, and frame drive line work. With a machinist background, if it didn’t fit, I made it fit. Showing off my hot rods still make me smile. My passion for the classic/muscle cars is still growing.

I love classic and muscle cars. The look. The sound. Gets my heart pumping.

As a board member, I look forward to meeting new friends and hopefully, with my help, we will make the James Valley Street Machines one of the top car clubs in the area.

Justin Fuchs
Board of Directors Member 2018-Present

My passion and love for vehicles started at a very young age.

Growing up on a farm I learned to drive as a kid on the back roads and prairies with some old beaters and the interest in vehicles and driving was instantly sparked. I drove mostly old Chevy pickups at the time and my grandmother’s old Thunderbird a few times until I put it in the ditch due to lack of experience and trying to be a show off. I guess we learn from our mistakes.

The need to drive eventually led me to classics and old school muscle. I have always enjoyed car shows and meeting new people with the same interests as myself.

Now I am married and have 5 children who are also into vehicles and enjoy car shows and all sorts of racing events with me.
I enjoy seeing classics and rat rods that are customized to each individual. I would have to say Camaro’s are by far my favorite cars though. When I was a senior in high school back in 2000 I bought a 1992 Camaro that I still own today. One of my favorite vehicles I ever had was a 1979 GMC Jimmy. If that thing could have talked I would have had a lot of explaining to do.
To this day, I still collect Hot Wheels cars and random car parts such as hubcaps and emblems and have owned too many vehicles to list.

I thank the James Valley Street Machines members for the opportunity to be a member of the Board of Directors and look forward too many exciting events with the club as well as making many new friends

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