DAY 1 06/21/2018

Started the Black Top Power Tour at S&R Truck Plaza in Jamestown, North Dakota. We left promptly at 9:00am

We went south on Highway 281 to Ellendale, North Dakota. We then headed west on Highway 11.

We went through Ashley, North Dakota. We then headed south on Highway 83 just south of Strasburg, North Dakota.

We crossed the North Dakota/South Dakota border and stopped in Selby, South Dakota for fuel and refreshments.

We left Selby, South Dakota and turned west on Highway 12 just south of Mound City, South Dakota towards Mobridge, South Dakota.

We then crossed the Missouri River bridge at Mobridge, South Dakota and ended up at the Grand River Casino on the west bank of the Missouri River for buffet lunch and a little play time. While we were there, the members of the 2018 Black Top Tour signed the hood of Randy Miller’s 1957 Chevy Rat Rod Pickup.

After lunch (about an hour and a half), we continued west on Highway 12 to Lemmon, South Dakota where we stopped and visited the “Petrified Forest”. Mark McMahon, Ron Johnson, and Skovy decided to get a hair cut at a old style barber shop that was right across the street from the “Petrified Forest”.

After about an hour and a half, we turned south on Highway 73 and drove by Shadehill State Recreation Area

We then turned west on Highway 20 and drove through Custer State Park. On the other side of Custer State Park we stopped in Buffalo, South Dakota for fuel and refreshments.

We then went south on Highway 85 where we drove through Belle Fouche, South Dakota on our way to Spearfish, South Dakota where we were planning on basing our tour at the Holiday Inn on the east side of town. We arrived in Spearfish, South Dakota around 7:00pm.

Day 2 started at 7:45 when we had our morning meeting. It was a short meeting because we were on a tight timline to travel to the 1880 Steam Train that when through the Black Hills of South Dakota and connected the two towns of Hill City and Keystone. We took the route through Deadwood then turned south on 385 towards Hill City South Dakota. This route was just wonderful to drive. We picked the perfect time of year to drive through the Black Hills.

We arrived a little late for our departure time so the group had to break up into 2 groups because they sold our tickets. Note to self … pay for reservations first. If you don’t make it they usually have a waiting line and sell out the train fast. Regardless, while Skovy and the other half found ways to be mischievous in Hill City (local watering holes) the other half took off on the excursion to Keystone South Dakota. The other half met up with them a bit later.

After the 1880’s Train excursion our group broke up into 3 groups. 1 group went to Deadwood, another group went to Bear Country USA, and the third group went to Devils Tower, Wyoming.

After a long day back to the Holiday Inn Spearfish for some relaxation.

Day 3 Started at 8:00am with a pleasant drive on Spearfish Canyon Highway heading to Custer South Dakota for a car show.

We stopped at Lake Pactola for a rest stop and photo op.

We met up with the Counts of the Cobblestone car club out of Rapid City in Custer, South Dakota for a 4 hour car show.

We then left Custer and took the back way (Needles Highway) to Mt. Rushmore

We then arrived at Mt. Rushmore

After a couple hours at Mt. Rushmore, we cruised to Hill City where we had dinner reservations at Circle B Ranch. Great food and they put on an outstanding show while we ate.

After a long day back to the Holiday Inn Spearfish for some relaxation.

On day 4 (Sunday) we implemented the “Four Winds” clause of the Black Top Power Tour which let everybody go home whichever way they pleased. Some wanted to stop at Wall, South Dakota, some wanted to head north on 85 then go to Medora, North Dakota, and the rest wanted to go straight to Murdo, South Dakota.

A small group stopped in Wall South Dakota

The rest of us went right to Murdo, South Dakoa

We finally left Murdo and drove to Jamestown. My 69 couldn’t take the heat so we piggy-backed her the rest of the way

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